The Little Wave – Melton City Libraries

Reviewed by Sophia. This is a story about three 10 year old kids Lottie, Noah and Jack, who are all going through difficulties in life.  The way the story goes is: Lottie is a girl who is a loner and she has a really big interest in bugs.  She is experiencing her Dad’s grief afterContinue reading “The Little Wave – Melton City Libraries”

The Dog Runner – Melton City Libraries

Reviewed by Maya. Email from Maya – Dear Bren Macdibble, I like your book, Dog Runner. I think the book got more interesting when Ella and Emery started their adventure. At first when I started the book I did not understand what was happening at around chapter one and a little bit of chapter two,Continue reading “The Dog Runner – Melton City Libraries”

The Glimme – Melton City Libraries (2)

Review by Ciaran: I was attracted to this book when I saw the front cover, the illustrations by Marc McBride are amazing.  The front cover showing a dragon and a castle is very detailed and made me want to look through all the other pictures in the book.  I have never read a quest bookContinue reading “The Glimme – Melton City Libraries (2)”

The Glimme – Melton City Libraries

Created by Lola: I really liked the part where everyone who wasn’t from The Glimme got back to Wichant. My least favourite part was when Bravo wanted to use the dragons Bane to kill the Dragons. I really liked the pictures too because they were really colourful and realistic. The part where Housekeeper turned intoContinue reading “The Glimme – Melton City Libraries”

The Dog Runner – Melton City Libraries

Dear Ms. Bren MacDibble I hope are well, this is Raisa and I am in grade 4. I sorry this is my first time reading your book (The Dog Runner) First time though, but I have to say, I really really absolutely LOVED the book. It was not to too big nor too small. TheContinue reading “The Dog Runner – Melton City Libraries”

Catch a Falling Star – Melton City Libraries

Creative response to “Catch a Falling Star” by Meg McKinlay. This starts on page 210 He’s tiny against the night sky, a small silhoutte with another large one next to him. I stop running and slide to a stop.Newt turns around and races towards me. “Frankie!”I hug him tightly. “Oh, Newt,” I said and startedContinue reading “Catch a Falling Star – Melton City Libraries”

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