Footscray HS Winner

The Shadow Judges voted for their favourite book from this year’s CBCA Older Readers shortlist and found themselves in a draw! Footscray HS felt that Ghost Bird and How It Feels To Float would be worthy winners. Also – they recommend this powerful article from Lisa Fuller in the latest issue of Kill Your Darlings:

Ghost Bird – Loreto College

Our creative response for Ghost Bird was inspired by the unique elements of the book, the relationships between family and friends, the Indigenous Dreamtime stories and the overall setting of the town. The mask idea stemmed from the relationship between the sisters; Laney and Stacey have a tendency to lie and cover for each thusContinue reading “Ghost Bird – Loreto College”

When the Ground is Hard – Loreto College

In ‘When the Ground is Hard’ the novel ‘Jane Eyre’ plays a significant part in bonding Adele and Lottie. The love they share for the characters within that novel allows them to open up to each other and explore the possibility of friendship. Street libraries create a sense of community similar to what the mainContinue reading “When the Ground is Hard – Loreto College”

Loreto College Winner

Yesterday we held our Judging Conference! Our dedicated and enthusiastic group of Shadow Judges were firstly given the opportunity to speak on the literary merits of each of the 6 short listed books. After this the voting began. We had four rounds of secret ballot voting, where the students allocated points to each of theContinue reading “Loreto College Winner”

When the Ground is Hard – Box Hill HS

Reviewed by Imogen. I loved this book. When the Ground is Hard was amazing and well-written, and I would definitely read it again. This is the kind of story that you probably need historical context to understand fully, but it doesn’t rely on the reader knowing everything about it already. Even without knowing really anythingContinue reading “When the Ground is Hard – Box Hill HS”

When the Ground Is Hard – Box Hill HS

Reviewed by Noor. Set in Swaziland, a girl named Adele is part of the popular group at school. She is mixed-race with a white father, which automatically gives her a higher rank within the school. Adele’s father provides for his family, so Adele gets to have polished shoes, new uniforms, and carpeted floors at home.Continue reading “When the Ground Is Hard – Box Hill HS”

The Boy Who Steals Houses – Box Hill HS

Reviewed by Nina. This beautifully heartbreaking novel; branded as a gender bent goldilocks, makes you want to do so much. Cry, laugh, revaluate your privilege and take a second for Sam and Avery. With stunning characters and furthermore consistent character development, all the individuals with their unique complexities are brought to life. Sam is aContinue reading “The Boy Who Steals Houses – Box Hill HS”

The Boy Who Steals Houses – Box Hill HS

Reviewed by Grace. I now have a fierce love-hate relationship with this book, in that the second I finished it, it became a fight not to throw aside schoolwork and spend my days re-reading it. The storyline follows brothers Sam and Avery, desperately moving from abandoned house to abandoned house, stealing and squirreling away anyContinue reading “The Boy Who Steals Houses – Box Hill HS”

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