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This is How We Change the Ending – Footscray HS

Reviewed by Lola.

This is how we change the ending is a book I wish I read a long time ago. It combines the feelings of family, friendship, growing up, loyalty and everything in between. 

Nate’s journey in this book gives insight to his thoughts and emotions a lot of people have and worry about. The fact that the author (Vikki Wakefield) managed to capture his journey with Nance and his brothers was insightful in how families may be broken but there’s always someone who is in the same boat. Nate had to grow up faster than so many teenagers his age would. The complexity of his relationship with Tash really pushed Nate to his limit as he always thought there wasn’t any time for rule breaking and say what you wanna say loudly and proudly. Nate always thought he had to be there for everyone and sometimes that was a fault for Nate as he was never there for himself, not until Tash opens his tightly protected heart. Somehow I feel that Vikki made me feel that as much as Nate wanted to venture out with Tash, his loyalty to his family was stopping him. Nate was very misunderstood in the way that he always felt that his notebook and his words he would share with the pages was all he ever needed to keep it together. He only needed his notebook, he didn’t need people to tell him that he was loved. Nate’s loyalty was incredible, he was devoted to O, Jake and Nance and it really shined through. 

I feel that at times the book had this moment in chapter 22 – page 227-228 where it didn’t feel like Nate talking. The scenes he had to write for Mr Reid, last one felt like Dec, because at the start of the book, Nate was thinking about how much he hated Dec for the way he treated Nance, and Nate never wanted to be like him. This scene felt like he wanted to be like Dec, he wanted to impress his father. Which makes sense, every kid feels pressured to make their parents proud, but I think the last scene should have been Nate standing up for Nance and his brothers and protecting them from Dec. It just seemed more fitting from what I heard and understood from Nate. That was my only concern.

This book is perfect for teenagers, those who read slower than others, might take them a while to get through. This book took me around a week and a half to finish. If you’re looking for a book that takes a lot of thought and insight this is the book for you. I really love Vikki Wakefield’s book. I think nearly anyone could read this and cry, laugh, smile and just go through a series of emotions reading this.This book is 100% recommended.


Published by Adele

Adele is a former teacher, event producer, teen advocate and YA expert. She is also a member of the Children's Book Council of Australia (Victorian branch).

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